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Diversity, Inclusion and Safety Statement

Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.

Diversity, inclusion and the safety of our teams and guests is at the heart and soul of our vision, values and everything we do. We are committed to maintaining diverse, inclusive and safe teams that fully represent the many different cultures, backgrounds and viewpoints of the communities we serve. We go to great lengths to ensure that The Piano Works venues are diverse, inclusive and safe spaces within London’s night time economy. In our house we are all equal.


London Friend (reach out) we will elect a LGBTQ+ friend in association with who’s focus will be to promote health, wellbeing, support and inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community within our teams and guests.


In partnership with the ‘Ask for Clive’ initiative, we display the ‘Ask for Clive’ posters in our entrances and around the venues to let people know that ‘Everyone is Welcome Here’ and that we do not tolerate discrimination. We train our staff to be fully equipped on how to manage any form of discrimination or hate crime and immediately observe and report it.

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We provide welfare and vulnerability engagement WAVE training to our teams in order to give our staff the ability to help customers who maybe in a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. The code phrase is “I’m asking for Angela”, we inform customers of this initiative via our OrderPay app and posters around our venues.


We have signed and actively uphold the values of the Mayor of London’s Women’s Night Safety Charter in order to do our bit to tackle violence against women and girls.




Be inclusive hospitality CIC

We proactively promote and support be inclusive hospitality’s vision to create a hospitality sector that is equitable and inclusive for Black, Asian and Ethnic Minorities at all levels. We uphold their values of authenticity, respect, integrity and collaboration throughout our employee and guest journey’s with us. As of January 2022, 57% of The Piano Works direct employees come from Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority backgrounds.

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We are one of the 3500+ registered restaurants with the AccessAble scheme designed to take the chance out of going out for disabled people. AccessAble provides detailed access guides that informs their users of all available accessible amenities. This information is 100% factual and provides photographs. At all our venues we have customer lifts suitable for disabled access, disabled toilets and refuge points.